Suite rates are based on one night accommodation, including your breakfast.To view the Deluxe suite which sleeps up to 4 people, click the “Click here to view the deluxe suite” link above.

Making a reservation: By clicking the reservations tab above, which will take you to our availability calendar. Where you can see, if we have the suite and dates you require. Then click the ‘request a reservation’ link, where you can request your dates you require and fill out your details. (Rest assured Our site is a secure booking site) 

ROOM 1  Luxury Suite

  –    $125.00 CAD

(prices based on 2 people)

While we do a two night minimum, we will try to accommodate a one night request with an additional charge of $10.00.

 (All prices final, no taxes to be added)     

Check in-4pm-6pm please contact in advance if you require a different time.

check out time is 10.30am

This suite has a private ensuite

With a spring air, spring-o-pedic Queen bed

Privacy from the other guests

Iron and ironing board

Microwave and fridge

Free standing  Wardrobe

(wireless high speed internet access)

Thermostat for your comfort

Ceiling fan

Allergy free bedding

High quality towel’s and bed linen

Radio/alarm clock

32 inch flat screen TV with over 60 cable TV channels to choose from


Games and reading material

Tea station with kettle and coffee maker, with freshly ground coffee, tea bags, and hot chocolate.

Unlike most B&B your suite’s are not located next to each other,they are at opposite part’s of the house.This is unique in that your suite will be peaceful and private . And your suite has it’s own key entry. You can watch the world from your window, or sit outside and watch the sun go down.

( Also enjoy our communial living room, with it’s 18 foot cathedral ceiling and 500 square foot lounge area.)   

Reservation and cancellation

Please note your details will not be passed on to a third party.

One night deposit will be charged to your credit card at time of booking. By booking a suite with your credit card you agree that you are in fact purchasing your accommodation at ‘Home from Home’ in advance in accordance to guaranteeing your booking. The balance of your stay will be charged to your credit card 14 days before your check-in date. Stays of 1 week or more must be paid in full at time of reservations.

Cancellations Policy-Cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to check in, you will be refunded your payment less $25.00 . There is no refund if you cancel under 14 days.

A guide to our rooms at Black Creek Bed and Breakfast 

Black Creek Bed and Breakfast is one of the most popular getaways spots in Vancouver. With our hotel’s nature-inspired interior and homey facilities, you will surely feel like you’re on a magical getaway with your friends and family. We’re known for our top-notch services and affordable prices that appeal to travellers and locals alike. If you’re on a budget, we have a wide range of rooms available that will fit your needs. 

Each accommodation in our bed and breakfast is furnished and equipped with facilities to make sure that you will have the best lodging experience possible. Furthermore, we have accommodating staff members who will take care of your every need during your stay with us. 

We offer different packages and promos for you upon checking in. So, if you’re planning to stay with us for your getaway, here’s a quick guide of the rooms you can book with us! 

Single room 

Price: CA$50 per night 

If you’re travelling alone for a few days, we have a single room you can book. While space is only at 20 sqm, our single will have everything you will need for your stay. It’s equipped with facilities such as a television, shower, heater, air conditioning, high-quality beddings and a small refrigerator where you can store your drinks and snacks. 

The room is decorated with vintage furniture such as cabinets, beds, and tables made of cherry wood. Additionally, the room has a good view of the forest outside, so you can have a good look at nature before and after your day. 

Double room 

Price: CA$50 per night 

Black Creek offers a double room that’s perfect for two people travelling together. Here at our bed and breakfast, the double room is furnished with two beds, a large cabinet, shower heater, and air conditioning. Additionally, it also has extra appliances such as a small refrigerator, drying rack and shoe storage for your items. 

The double room in Black Creek features a good view of the garden where you can see a canopy of flowers and the verdant plants lined up in the path walk. You will also have a good view of the sunset in the afternoon. 

Triple room 

Price: CA$70 per night 

If you’re travelling with family members and you want spacious accommodation, we have a triple room that will suit your needs. This room features three beds separated into different rooms. There’s a connecting hallway so that each room can be easily accessed. If you’re travelling with children, this room is perfect because it also has a family room where you can keep kids entertained. 

Aside from the spacious rooms and beds, the triple room also has a mini-refrigerator, cabinets, elegant curtains, and a table set. 

Quad room 

Price: $CA90 per night 

If you’re planning to travel with a big group of friends, we have a spacious quad room that will cater to all your needs. With 4 beds and a spacious common room, this accommodation will give you the comfort you need to enjoy your stay. Additionally, the quad room also features a bathtub, kitchenette, mini-refrigerator, blow dryer, and a set of complimentary toiletries to make your stay comfortable. Booking the quad room also comes with a free breakfast buffet and a wake-up call to start your day. 

Queen Suite 

Price: $CA120 per night 

If you’re on a business trip or you simply want to be extra lavish with your accommodation, our Queen Suite is the perfect room for you. Furnished with elegant wooden furniture such as desks, cabinets, a flat-screen tv, and complimentary toiletries, this room will make you feel like you’re royalty. 

When you book the queen suite room, you can also receive a free breakfast buffet on your first stay complete with the breakfast package special we offer. This accommodation is also perfect for celebrating anniversaries because of the romantic atmosphere in the room. 

King suite 

Price: $CA150 per night 

If you want to make your stay extra lavish, the king suite will give you the comfort you need. The king site features a sleek design that’s similar to bachelor pads. It has dark wood furniture, a flat-screen TV, floor-to-ceiling windows, and thick curtains. 

Moreover, it also has amenities such as pillows, a mini-bar, a small bathtub, a shower heater and complimentary toiletries that you will surely enjoy. Booking the king suite also gives you access to the breakfast buffet where you can taste our menu specials. 

Double twin room 

Price: $CA120 per night 

The double twin room is perfect if you’re travelling with two to three people. Our double twin room features two twin beds furnished with high-quality beddings. Additionally, the room also has basic amenities like a small refrigerator, cabinets, drying racks, bathroom, heater, air conditioning and a small flat-screen TV. 

The best thing about our double twin room is that it faces the Black Creek lake, which gives you a beautiful view of the forest and the lake when you wake up in the morning.

Booking this room also gives you access to our breakfast specials and a wake-up call from staff members. During special holidays we offer the great discounts that you claim. 

Executive suite 

Price: $CA 200 per night 

The executive suite is our most expensive room yet. If you want to go extra lavish on your vacation, this room will give you what you need. Furnished with a high-quality bed, the mattress used for the executive suite is made of memory foam. Additionally, the pillows are also high-quality, stuffed with real feathers and soft cotton.

Furthermore, there’s also a medium-sized refrigerator where you can enjoy drinks and chocolates. The bathroom is also furnished with a hot and cold shower to fit your preference. You will also receive breakfast in bed service if you book this room. 

Book our rooms now at Black Creek Bed and Breakfast 

Are you excited about your next getaway? Book our rooms now with these few, easy steps!

  • Go to our website and click the signup button to create your account. Once done, provide important details such as your last name, birthday, and payment method. When making your password, make sure that you use a mix of characters to avoid your account from getting hacked. 
  • Once those steps are done, check your email for the link we sent you. Click the link and do the instructions indicated to verify your account. Make sure you finish this step because you won’t book any of our rooms if your account is unverified. 
  • After your account has been verified, authenticate your payment method. Note that you can only use cash and credit cards as they are the only methods we recognize. If you’re going to use your card, we only accept Bancnet, Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. You can also use wire transfer if you’re a local. Check the details on our website. 

Room policies you should know about 

Here are some of the room policies we have at Black Creek Bed and Breakfast: 

  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and drugs are not allowed within the establishment. Upon entering the bed and breakfast, your bags will be checked by our security staff. If the forbidden items are found in your bags, they will be confiscated. You can only claim them once you check out of the rooms. As much as possible, we don’t allow mind-altering substances to ensure that all of our guests are safe.
  • Sharp items and guns are not allowed inside. If our guards catch you with these items, they will be seized and returned to you only after you’ve checked out the room. 
  • Making loud noises is prohibited inside the bed and breakfast. People who check in our place want to have some peace, that’s why we try to maintain a peaceful and serene atmosphere at all times. 
  • You will be given entry cards upon entering the building. Once your cards are given to you, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. Lost entry cards will incur extra charges so make sure you don’t lose them. If you want to hire housekeeping, make sure you’re in the room to avoid issues. 
  • Cleanliness is an important core value we uphold in the building. We ask that you always keep your room clean and don’t litter in the common areas of the establishment. Anyone caught littering will be charged by the admin. Be responsible for waste and segregate them properly. 
  • Rude behaviour towards our staff members is not tolerated. If they do something wrong, talk to them nicely and avoid resorting to violence or disrespectful actions. Complaints and concerns about our staff can be directed to our admin for resolution.
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