Breakfast will be served on a tray and put outside your room,where you can sit and relax.

Enjoy a fine dining experience here at Black Creek and Bed and Breakfast 

Black Creek Bed and Breakfast is a humble accommodation in the lush forests of Comox Valley in Vancouver Island. 

Surrounded by mountains and verdant woodlands, our bed and breakfast is the ideal place to visit if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Moreover, we’re also located near some of the most popular scenic tourist destinations here in Vancouver, so there’s plenty of fun activities that you can do such as hiking and water sports. 

Aside from the inviting surroundings of our bed and breakfast, we pride ourselves on providing the best dining experience for our guests. One of the best dishes we prepare is seafood, specifically salmon. 

We are close to Campbell River which is known as the ‘Salmon Capital’ of the world, you can even do snorkelling alongside them. With the freshwater, it provides an opportunity to catch all 5 salmon species as well as various freshwater species.

Are you ready to experience world-class dining? Here are some of the dishes we offer at Black Creek Bed and Breakfast.

Seafood chowder

Price: $CA30

Our seafood chowder at Black Creek Bed and Breakfast is one of our menu best sellers. Made of prawns, squid, and chopped veggies mixed in quinoa, this dish will give you a burst of flavour and textures that you will enjoy. 

Seasoned with soy and spices, this dish gives an exciting blend of spicy and sweet. If you’re looking for something easy to eat that will make you full, this dish is a perfect choice. Spice it up even further when you pair it with our best-selling beer brew. 

Malyasian prawn laksa

Price: $CA40 

Our Malaysian prawn laksa is a dish that will instantly give you warmth on cold winter nights. Made with spicy seafood broth, this meal is heavy with flavour and aroma. This laksa dish contains prawns and delicious noodles topped with lime and chilis. If you’re a fan of Asian flavours and soup dishes, our laksa is a perfect fit for you.

Fish and chips 

Price: $CA30 

When it comes to seafood dishes, nothing beats the classic Fish and Chips. Made with cream dory fish coated in a light batter, this food is fried to perfection then served with potato sides that you will surely enjoy. Additionally, our fish and chips come in different flavours and sauces, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. This is best served with an ice-cold beer. 

Fish curry 

Price: $CA 60 

If you’re a fan of South Asian flavours, our fish curry inspired Indian cuisine is your best choice. Cooked in creamy yoghurt, spices and vegetable cuts, this dish’s flavour will overwhelm your taste buds. Pair it with rice or paratha for a better dining experience.

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