Salmon Fishing

Campbell River has been a tourism destination since 1896, when an English journalist Sir Richard Musgrave told his Campbell River fishing trip in the London journal the field.After that sport fishing in Campbell River has kept growing, and the town has been known as the ' Salmon Capital of the World' for more than a century.

For thousand's of years, the rhythm of life has flowed with the movement of the Salmon.The coho,sockeye,chinock pink,and chum Salmon are funnelled into Discovery Passage with each tide cycle of the Pacific Ocean.

The Salmon feed off the nutrients and lush marine life as they work their way north or south through the waters off Campbell River.The homebound Salmon travel through Discovery Passage,on their final journey to their spawning grounds.And their consequence deaths will attract and sustain a wide variety of wildlife,which include Bears,Eagles,Otters,Whales,Ravens,and Gulls.

The Town is regonised as an angling paradise,which in the early 1900's brought many of the World's top sportsmen to the area.Being situated on the southern migration route, for all the five major species of Pacific Salmon.And also a stable year round fishery for chinock on the upper Strait of Georgia,it comes to no surprise that the fishing is good.

When visiting anglers come here,they can rent a boat or charter a guide or bring their own gear.Or you can just head down to Discovery Pier,and just cast a line into the water.Also the area is blessed with excellent freshwater trout fishing at lakes in the area.