The breakfast will be served in our dining room where on those cold mornings, you can sit in front of a real open fire. Or if you wish on those lovely days, you can have your breakfast outside on our cedar deck (see below). Your view is out across the garden, and into woodland so you can watch the wild life from Humming Birds, Woodpeckers, cheeky Squirrels, Raccoons sitting in the trees or most recently stealing apples from my apple tree, we sat and watched a barred Owl sitting on a branch outside, Deer stroll past every day, Bald Eagle flying above. We can tell you where to go to see mink or dolphins or whales even places to best see the black bear without having to pay a dime. If you enjoy wildlife such as birdwatching this would be the best start to your day. 

The menu changes every morning but you will always have a choice of fresh juice, cereals, toast and jam's, freshly baked goods, yogurts and fresh fruit, plus freshly ground coffee and tea, we will cook something different each morning from either pancakes, waffles, scones, croissants plus more.

Special dietary needs must be told at the time of booking.